Enterprise Ressource Planning and Advance Planning System


Connecting business functions from end-to-end

Initiatives, such as vendor managed inventory, statistical forecasting, demand-driven supply networks, APS or ERP deployment are often out of reach. They are typically time consuming and imply costly configuration and customization.

We have acquired an extensive knowledge of the practical needs of business from active engagement implementing in more than 40 markets such as Chile, Mexico, Japan, South Africa, US, France, etc. Our staff have international exposure to APS key functionalities, implementations pit fall and post-implementation support, hence we intend to support your businesses with :

- APS selection : we help clients understand the inherent information technologies and functionalities that are the most relevant to users.

- APS implementation : for example, a long history and proved track record of working with clients to remove outliers prior applying statistical forecasting models (with JDA, Manugistics, SAP-APO).

- Pre ERP implementation consulting : spend less time implementing, we are providing professional advice based on project-oriented data analysis such as definition of integration level between CRM and APS solutions or Forecast & Supply Point analysis (FSPĀ®).

- Post-implementation support : ranging from assessment or organization transformation support, to new application development (from on-line smaller tasks, reports, tools to full applications).