Management consulting services

Organisation structure

Reducing the time required to move from strategy to execution

The Combined Expertise and Experience Partnership (CEEPĀ®) in aligning your organization behind your strategic goals. helps you deal with changing business and technology issues, we mitigate risk and optimize capabilities in the following fields :

- Function centralization : we have the credentials to work with you - we did it around the world. Supply Chain Planning centralization is key to reach new efficiencies level and delivers optimum business insight.

- Optimization model : deployment of "SwissCo" structure for optimization brings constraints and requirements. Head office responsibilities, subsidiary roles, definition of functions, processes and SOX compliance mapping are necessary prerequisites steps - our CEEPĀ® roadmap will support your organization evolution.

- Dashboard, Reporting and Scorecard : manage performance and drive accountability. Understanding the importance of measuring is enabling businesses to see how their progress affects others. Key performance indicators, metrics ad-hoc reports are the layer components to measure progress we can provide going from stand-alone spreadsheets to web services moving everyone on the same page.