Assuring adherence to budgets and sales strategy execution

Sales targets

Connected execution of plans

To further improve your Demand plan accuracy, increase your customer service level and position you company as a preferred partner : a web collaborative Sales Force Planning GATE will allow you to communicate effectively.

Ensure action reviews are held and incorporate relevant learnings is key, having the basics implemented and used is your way to be benchmark against world class companies. Ensuring that the highest standard of execution are met comes with,

- Sales target alignment : top down, bottom up, sales territory forecast, customer forecast, many ways to plan, one target. I.e. allow your sales managers and representatives to see key information on events, customers sales rate, PO status or inventories availability.

- Exception management : change in customer demand for the top A items is key, tracking of lost sales and sharing exceptions with your team or business partners is the very first step for CPFR initiatives and is recognized as a good management practice.

- Statistical forecasting : in order to facilitate data accessibility and usage, "base demand" estimation is extremely useful. Corridor of demand can be statistically estimated using the Sales Force Forecast module and is a proven practice facilitating sales rep. target management as well as an effective tool for sales completion tracking.